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Lash Lift

A lash lift (perm) is an all-natural, semi-permanent procedure that gives you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes without the use of any leave-on chemicals or extensions. The natural lashes are boosted from the root, giving them a lifted, lengthened appearance.

With a lash lift, you won’t have to deal with clumpy mascara or annoying falsies. Plus, you’ll wake up every morning with naturally long, thick lashes.In general, a lash lift lasts for around 4 to 6 weeks, but this can vary depending on your lashes and the type of lash lift you choose. With proper care, you may be able to extend the life of your lash lift to 6 weeks.

There are a few variables that contribute to the longevity of your newly lifted lashes:

  • immediate aftercare
  • long-term lash care
  • how fast your lashes grow naturally
  • the type of lash lift you get

A Lash Lift should not be reapplied before the 6-week mark.

Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes? => No, lash lifts should not damage your lashes. Even if you end up with a lash lift that goes a little wrong, the effects of the procedure are only semi-permanent.
Eyelashes naturally fall out and regrow every 4 to 6 weeks, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your lashes long term.

Preparing for your lash lift appointment:

* Remove all eye makeup, contact lenses, and false eyelashes before your appointment.
* Avoid curling your natural lashes for at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
* Stop using waterproof mascara 48 hours before your procedure since it leaves behind unwanted residue.
* Patients with eye infection, need to wait until it has cleared prior to treatment.